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We wish a happy birthday to: Factor64 (17)

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Nice ! Please release it for Wii U also.
Posted on 08-17-17, 12:11 pm in 3dssmwwii uswitch Volcano Theme
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Hello Everybody !

I just started to learn SMM (Wii U) modding yesterday. For practicing and getting used to some of the basics, I imported original clouds in the background of SMB1 style from the original SMB1 & Lost Levels. It was just an experiment I was doing to get better. It turned out pretty good. So I thought if anyone wanted those smiling clouds while playing levels, I should provide :)



WiiU download

FYI : Put the extracted .szs in "(ROM Directory)\data\content\Model"
Attachment: M1_DV_plain.7z
21.58 KiB — Downloaded 44 times
Posted on 09-01-17, 11:12 am in Smiling Clouds from Lost Levels (rev. 4 by NightYoshi370 on 09-03-17, 07:25 pm)
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They're looking into you.
Into your eyes.
Its entering your body.
You start randomly moving.
You now put on mario's clothes, and start saving "peach".

Its-A-Me! Mario No. Oneeeeeee!
Posted on 09-05-17, 11:19 am in Smiling Clouds from Lost Levels
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I don't like to brag but mine is literally awesome ;)

Posted on 10-05-17, 04:37 am in Post your desktop
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Hello, I am an active level maker on SMMDB so I thought, why not make a thread here for y'all.
Here are all my levels in no particular order.

[SMW] [The Dare Saga 1-1] [Expert] : The kind of level you get when you play a 100 mario challenge. This was my first level and is utterly garbage. You can try it if you want.

[SMW] [The Dare Saga 1-2] [Expert] : Another level by me featuring puzzling route to finish.

[SMW] [The Dare Saga 1-3] [Expert] : A small kaizo challenge with a mild troll.

[SMW] [Mr.Mole The Taxi Driver] [Normal] : A level based on surfing a cannon "taxi" driven by a mole.

[NSMBU] [Rest In Peace Mario] [Expert] : A challenge level featuring very hard challenges.

[NSMBU] [Tricky Terrains 1-1] [Normal-Expert] : A well thought out level with many tricks to master and enjoy !

[NSMBU] [Tricky Terrains 1-2] [Normal-Expert] : Another level with many tricks to master and enjoy !

[NSMBU] [Tricky Terrains 1-3] [Normal-Expert] : Another One.

[SMB] [Shell We Jump ?] [Expert] : A level with shell related challenges. One of my best levels till date.

[SMW] [Kaizo Rush : Hypothermia] [Expert] : A short kaizo challenge to warm up your kaizo skills.

[SMB3] [Arising Anomaly 1-1] [Super Expert] : Another one of my best levels but crazy hard kaizo is present in the level.

[SMW] [Kaizo Krash Kourse : Basic] : A kaizo training level with infinite checkpoint system. This is currently the most starred level on SMMDB.

[SMW] [Kaizo Krash Kourse : Advanced] : The sequel to the KKK : Basic with more techniques to master !

To download any of the courses, please download the SMMDB [smmdb.ddns.net] client and filter the levels by the maker name "TheNawab"

Walkthrough Playlist :
Let me know if you liked any of my levels. Please star them on SMMDB to show some support :)
Posted on 10-11-17, 05:02 am in My levels on SMMDB ! (Will Be Updated Frequently) (rev. 1 by TheNawab on 10-11-17, 07:59 am)
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Voted for GRAnimated's Icon. Introduces new things while keeping it appealing. :up:
Posted on 11-19-17, 12:49 pm in New Icon Voting (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 04-26-18, 04:33 am)
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Thank you for this.
Posted on 12-17-17, 07:58 am in wii u Remove the Music!
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I had some spare time, so I translated the names of staticskin.pack files so the theme makers don't have to look for specific things. The list is huge so use Find option in your browser to find a filename.

Important Notes :
_A means variation acc. to mega mario.
_mega means the item has mushroom applied to it.
_mini means if they have a smaller version (blooper,etc).
_jr means essentially the same thing as _mini.
_fire means it has fire flower applied to it.
_D will be applied to the name if the item/enemy has an another variant.

M0_DV :

black = just a black tile
tutorial = tutorial bg

M1_Enemy :

blackpakkun = Muncher
bombhei = Bob-omb
bros = Hammer Bros
bubble = Lava Bubble
choropoo = Mole
dossun = Thwomp
firepakkun = Fire Throwing Pirhana Plant
fishbone = Fish Bone
gesso = Blooper
hanachan = Wiggler
jugem = Lakitu
kameck = Magic Koopa
karon = Dry Bones
killer = Bullet Bill
killer_houdai = Bullet Bill Launcher
koopa = Bowser
koopa_clown = Clown Car
kuribo = Goomba
kutsu_kuribo = Goomba's Shoe (A = Green one B= Heel one )
met = Buzzy Beetle
necchi = Stretch (Boo Appearing from the floor )
nokonoko = Turtle ( A = Green & B = Red )
paipo = Falling Spiny or Spiny when throwing spikes
pakkun = Pirhana Plant
poo = Wrench Mole
pukupuku = Cheep Cheep (Fish) (A = Green B = Red)
senkan houdai = Cannon
teresa = Boo
togemetA = Normal Spiketop
togemetB = Blue Spiketop
togezo = Spiny Beetle
wanwan = Chain Chomp

M1_Item :

Charakinoko = Mystery Mushroom
kinoko = Mushroom
flower = Fire Flower
flower2 = Fire Flower with Mushroom Sprite ( When implemented Power Incrementation)
kinokofunny = Lanky Mario Mushroom
Mega kinoko = Mega Mushroom Variant 1
Mega kinoko2 = Mega Mushroom Variant 1
star = Super Star

M1_Object_block :

chikuwa = Donut Block
hatena = Question Block
kara = Used Question Block
katai = Breakable Block
kori = Ice Block
kumo = Cloud Platform
block_onpu = Note Block (White)
pow = Pow Block
renga = Brick Block
toumei = ? blank
tuta = Vine emerging from block

M1_Object :

burner = Fire burner motion sprites
coinrotate = Rotation Sprites for different coins.
daikonbou = Skewer Sprites
door = Door
firebar = Firebar
Goalpole = Goal Pole
hanatari = One Way Gate Sprites
jumpstep = Spring/Trampoline
key = Key
lift = Independent Platforms (Orange & Blue) {"_rail = On track" ; "_fall = falling"}
liftyougan = Skull Platforms (1 = White ; 2 = Blue)
magma = Magma Sprites
middleflag = Other Goal sprites
ono = Castle Themed 'Castle Sprites with Axe'
peach = Peach Sprites
pswitch = P-Switch Animation Sprites
saw = Saw Sprites
startblock = Temporary Editor Block Sprites
tower = Normal End Level Castle Sprites
yajirushi = Starting Arrow

Posted on 01-02-18, 08:49 pm in StaticSkin.pack Files Info.
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Level Name : Tricky Terrains 1-3
Style : NSMBU
Approx. Difficulty : Expert


A fun NSMBU platforming experience with two paths. One for casual and one for those who like a bit more challenge. The level revolves around tricky platforming and some mini-games. Not too hard but not too easy also. Hope you all enjoy it!

Download : https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=598b5b2b8bb92b26dbbcaf74&type=zip

Posted on 01-14-18, 06:42 pm in Tricky Terrains 1-3 | NSMBU | SMMDB | Expert
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My first level for participation is this one.

Posted on 01-14-18, 06:44 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
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Definitely hard, after a while I think I'm still only 2 or 3 coins in. Maybe I'm on the hard path.

Red coins is the hard path for true ending. You can totally skip them if you want to.
If you are enjoying it, a star on SMMDB will be appreciated. Thanks for playing.
Posted on 01-15-18, 10:12 am in Tricky Terrains 1-3 | NSMBU | SMMDB | Expert
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Are you sure you don't want to make tracks invisible ?

Yep. I don't think it's a good idea to make them invisible because then people can't see their tracks.

Finally someone understands the importance of tracks. Whew.

Looking forward to the Wii U port.
Posted on 02-01-18, 08:15 am in wii u3dssmb1smb3smw Super Mario Maker All-Stars (+Super Mario World) (rev. 1 by TheNawab on 02-01-18, 08:16 am)
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EDIT [13/03/18] : Made some adjustments to make it look pleasant after activation. Nothing much has changed.

I made a version with storage of up to 3 items. It's also 3x3 size and works in every theme. The limitations are ofcourse lack of GP activation in NSMBU & no way of storing more than 3 items. But you can acquire a Shell-met in SMW style if you have a yoshi; as Yoshi will eat it through the blocks.

Here's how to make it.

1. Put Question blocks in a 3x3 grid with exception of putting it in the middle part [(2,2) as per XY axis ]
2. Put the items you want to spawn in the middle left, middle right and top middle blocks and make sure you put wings on the items so that they don't despawn due to blocks around em. [See gif] ( If I were you, I would put enemies :D )
3. Put coins in the corner blocks so they don't turn into used blocks and look ugly.
4. Put a sideways spring in the middle hollow part. You can also put a vine behind it to cover more of the background.
5. Now put a spiky or buzzy shell-met in the middle bottom question block, where the player must hit to activate the mega block.
5. Why are you still reading this? You learnt how to make it.. now incorporate it in a troll level.. off you go!

Preview :
Posted on 02-04-18, 06:49 pm in tutorial4x4 grid How to recreate a mega block in Native SMM (rev. 2 by TheNawab on 03-13-18, 07:22 am)
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Nice work! Loving the new tracks!
Posted on 02-08-18, 01:35 pm in releasedwiiu Super Mario Bros.3 Allstars
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Wow! This looks promising. Will definitely keep up with the progress news. However a suggestion for ya, the world map looks a little bit bland in the videos you posted.
Hope it gets improved upon. Good luck!
Posted on 02-11-18, 02:56 pm in ongoing Newer Super Mario Lost Lands
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So recently, I was watching a Twitch streamer play a level which had a very intriguing glitch. IDK if this was possible before the latest SMM (Wii U) patch [1.47] but here is how it works. It's not very hard to recreate but it has some potential for puzzle and troll levels.

- First place a semisolid anywhere you want, it can be of any height and length. Next, place ground tiles all above it leaving a 1x1 area of semisolid's upper part exposed (i.e. where you can stand).

- Then you can place any sort of activation mechanic, POW block or a P switch ahead in the level parallel to the height of the semisolid's uppermost part.

- Cover the mechanic all around with block so it's not possible to access directly by the mario.

- Here comes the interesting part, it's completely possible to hit or activate that concealed mechanic by throwing a shell inside the wall. All you have to do is to stand beside the open semisolid area (which we left earlier) then jump and throw the shell right when you are going to touch the wall block at the corner with the shell (see video) and the shell will just go through the wall as if it was sliding on the semisolid's upper part.

Preview :

Note :
- The setup I used is not important. The only thing required is the placement of ground and semisolid in that way.
- I have not tested this in other styles. Please let me know if you do.
- This might be possible in older updates but I noticed it rn. So I made this post.


- It's possible even if you don't leave a 1x1 open area for the semi-solid, but it becomes a little bit harder that way.
- Twitch clip of the streamer playing the glitch level : https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudKnottyWitchSoonerLater
Posted on 02-15-18, 10:38 am in trickglitch Glitchy Shell Mechanic in native SMM (Tested in 1.47, Wii U) (rev. 1 by TheNawab on 02-15-18, 10:42 am)
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Since: 08-09-17

- A new SMB3 All-Stars mod has been released by Omoto.

You mean Otomo. :eyes:

Posted on 02-15-18, 10:47 am in What's up? - Febuary 14th, 2018
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Cool! I like 'em. That first one though, lol looks like Nyoshi is little too much angry.
Posted on 03-04-18, 04:57 pm in Smash 4 Pics
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Well the thumbnail looks cool. Wish this was on SMMDB....
Posted on 03-06-18, 09:49 am in Zelda "Too"
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I added the screenshots :)
Posted on 03-07-18, 06:45 pm in slice night theme