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hu hu de da

Happy Birthday!
If you made something with any of the following engines listed on the following links



You can post it here if you want, I'm not going to stop you ;)
Posted on 09-20-18, 06:20 am in Information about the engines
BTW, where can I get gamemaker studio 1.4?

Sadly it is not longer for sale
Would this be compatible with gamemaker studio 2 by any chance?

I guess
Posted on 08-20-18, 10:09 pm in Gatete Mario Engine: Anniversary Edition
BTW, where can I get gamemaker studio 1.4?

Sadly it is not longer for sale
Posted on 08-20-18, 10:01 pm in Gatete Mario Engine: Anniversary Edition

Gatete Mario Engine: Anniversary Edition is a open-source Mario Engine for Game Maker Studio 1.4 which contains features from various official 2D and 3D Mario titles.

This is the result of 10 years of active engine development.

The engine features the following stuff

· Multiple Character Support.
· Over 200 enemy AIs.
· A working Star Medal system.
· World Map + Inventory.
· 16 different powerups (Incluiding 3 never seen on any previously release of this series).
· Support for multiple targets. (HTML5 is not supported, sorry).
· 4 different Yoshi + Kuribo Shoes.

Need help with the engine, no problem. Join the official Discord server to get complete support for the engine.

You can also check the official GitHub repository and get a hold of the new updates made to the engine.

I hope you enjoy this engine as much we enjoyed programming it.

and finally, here's a handy-dandy download link.

EDIT: If you want to play the engine with a gamepad, I recommend using a XBOX360 controller.
Posted on 08-20-18, 09:20 pm in Gatete Mario Engine: Anniversary Edition (rev. 3 by Gatete on 08-20-18, 10:03 pm)