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Check out my other places, subscribing would be nice too:

Deviantart: https://sm-artthings.deviantart.com/
I regularly post art of cartoons, video games and my original characters. I also have montly request slots.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTp7iHZlSWGVWtRa5ohlhgQ
Nothing much yet but will soon have things like playthroughs of my Mario Maker levels, good Smash Bros matches and discussions about animation.

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Oh. Hopefully it can get repaired soon.




Long time no see!




Did something happen?


Sorry for the forum reset. I still remember what we said in DMs


Oh hi there.


Yeah thanks, if you have any other tile sets and backgrounds, at least to finish up one theme I wouldnt mind having them so I can just round out a World version of this
Posted on 10-13-18, 04:53 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
This actually translates very well to Mario Maker
Posted on 10-10-18, 06:55 am in M&L BIS Mod,

Did a thing for 3DS. I dunno if I'm gonna do everything but I'm gonna at least do World. Though it isnt a straight port, like I replaced the mushroom platform with Grey Bricks and the underground has less stuff because it looked a bit cluttered in my eyes.



Posted on 09-21-18, 09:00 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
The download takes me to an error page.
Posted on 09-14-18, 08:40 pm in v2.0 out!download fixed! Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Yes I was super waiting for someone to finally do this.
Posted on 08-01-18, 05:20 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
Oh, the activity seems to have moved to Discord
Posted on 07-04-18, 08:56 am in What's up? June 19th, 2018
Here we go! VERSION 2.0 IS OUT!!

I have the 3DS version, I could add the backgrounds and tiles but cant do the sprites
Hey, that would be really cool! If i only knew, how to use Citra emulator (I don't get a single game working on this emulator :P)

Yeah, but I'd need someone to actually send me the sprites and backgrounds.

And yeah, Citra is really wierd.
Posted on 05-12-18, 10:43 pm in v2.0 out!download fixed! Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
I suppose as long as you give the source I think it's fine. Though I wouldnt mind if you also linked my Deviantart when you do, I'll take all the eyes on my profile I can get. Either way, go right ahead. Hopefully I get to play it in the end.
Posted on 05-12-18, 10:37 pm in smb13ds Odyssey in 8-bit set
What project?
Posted on 05-12-18, 06:13 pm in smb13ds Odyssey in 8-bit set
I really like dark greens and browns so this looks really nice.
Posted on 05-12-18, 06:09 pm in smw3ds Greener Grassier Ground
I have the 3DS version, I could add the backgrounds and tiles but cant do the sprites
Posted on 05-07-18, 06:54 pm in v2.0 out!download fixed! Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
That water theme is looking very good, even though those pinks are pretty bright.

Would you be willing to ipload the Portal Tileset so far for someone else to continue?
Posted on 05-07-18, 06:12 pm in Theme updates!

Seems doable, Ill mess around with it for a bit!

so far, how good along is it going?
If this is for WiiU, then idk how the process is, else if this is for 3DS, the process is literally copy paste (tileset).
As for the background, SMB1 Castle doesn’t allow backgrounds, but with code edits (byaml edits on 3DS) one can manage to insert one.

You guys figured out 3DS background edits?
Posted on 05-07-18, 05:55 pm in smb1 volcano
Aww I saw a post that made me think we learned how to add backgrounds.

Also yeah if you could get the missing music that would be great.
Posted on 04-24-18, 06:33 pm in smb13ds Odyssey in 8-bit set (rev. 1 by Sm-ArtThings on 04-24-18, 06:34 pm)
Was there always a Youtube link here on the site?
Posted on 04-08-18, 04:49 am in What's up? March 25th, 2018
That is all very nice. Also my internet went away and came back again. I gotta do this before it really starts piling up.
Posted on 04-08-18, 02:59 am in wip Overworld Mod Catalogue
Sweet, this passed a thousand views. Glad people seem interested.
Posted on 03-15-18, 01:29 pm in smb13ds Odyssey in 8-bit set
Man my internet has been out for weeks and this has fallen behind, hopefully I can update this again this week
Posted on 03-15-18, 01:28 pm in wip Overworld Mod Catalogue

Here you go. No time to make a screenshot atm though.
Posted on 02-26-18, 11:22 pm in 3dssmw Sunset Airship
I assume all the WiiU versions of each mod have the necessary music in them.
Posted on 02-19-18, 09:55 pm in smb13ds Odyssey in 8-bit set