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I regularly post art of cartoons, video games and my original characters. I also have montly request slots.

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Nothing much yet but will soon have things like playthroughs of my Mario Maker levels, good Smash Bros matches and discussions about animation.

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Posted on 04-12-19, 04:50 pm in wip3dssmw Terraria Maker for Nintendo 3DS

Okay so after learning that Terraria 3DS uses the exact same tile size as Mario Maker 3DS I was able to just go ahead and make a 3DS version of Terraria+Mario Maker myself using Tanookid's WiiU mod of the Surface and Underground as a base, though even those two have a few small changes in it. It replaces the SMW Theme and is still a WIP. There's parts I need help with but I likely wont get any which means those parts will remain unfinished.

Water=Nothing yet
Ghost House=Jungle
Castle=Underground Jungle


-nothing made for Water yet. (I still dont know how to arrange ground tiles so until I can get assistance with that Water just wont be made. My two major choices are making it the Ocean or a flooded Underground Corruption)
-Jungle Background doesnt scroll continuously (as seen in screenshot. Also maybe I'd make it a night Jungle to make the lanterns stand out less.)
-Beehive Semisolid doesnt scale correctly when enlarged (this is difficult because there is no way to make hive walls on the 3DS version, but all the available walls are underground where the lighting is inconsistent)

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f3JUtx29SjHhqhjecN0sZbSLFABKFsG4

Tanookid for the base mod from https://mariomods.net/thread/658-terraria-maker that had Surface and Underground.

Links where I post things including art so check me out (I'd also prefer these links be used if I were to be credited offsite):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SArtthings
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/sm-artthings
Posted on 03-25-19, 11:38 pm in wip3dssmw Terraria Maker for Nintendo 3DS
I'd have to find a way to get that folder in the first place since I got nothing but the tileset, model and sound ones at the moment. But at least this is more info
Posted on 03-07-19, 10:05 pm in Super Mario Land 2 3DS - WIP (no link yet)
Yeah, anyone willing to help me with this or show me what to do would be great.
Posted on 03-07-19, 08:59 pm in Super Mario Land 2 3DS - WIP (no link yet)
I mean, I'd need help. Ive done pretty much all I can do in terms of replacing tiles.
Posted on 03-06-19, 12:57 pm in Super Mario Land 2 3DS - WIP (no link yet)
Finally got around to bringing over the tilesets from the Super Mario Land 2 mod by Louiskovski unto the 3DS version. Some screenshots but no link yet:

Until someone teaches me how to change the animated tiles as well this is gonna be as far as I go. Dont even really mind mario/the enemies being in colour, I actually like it, but stuff like the coins and blocks at least would be nice.

All credit of course goes to all the people from the original thread.
Posted on 03-06-19, 03:33 am in Super Mario Land 2 3DS - WIP (no link yet)
Thanks, it was one of the first I ever made
Posted on 03-04-19, 05:52 pm in smmdbcastletraditional Spike-Shell Tower
I actually really liked it, though I need to figure out the location of that key near the end.
Posted on 03-04-19, 05:19 pm in smmdbwii u3ds Underwater Ruins

A tower based level that is themed primarily around using Spikes and Spineys for the level obstacles. Feedback here, or on SMMDB is welcome if you enjoyed it.

Normal Link: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5c7ae20fe8d3a048b279bc4e&type=zip
3DS Link: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5c7ae20fe8d3a048b279bc4e&type=3ds
Posted on 03-04-19, 02:51 pm in smmdbcastletraditional Spike-Shell Tower
Yeah the two kinds of slopes will change the tileset layout for sure but that's probably all it will change. Not to mention SM3DW will have the clear pipes
Posted on 03-03-19, 01:13 pm in Mario Maker 2 Tilesets
I love the NSMB jungle music
Posted on 03-03-19, 01:50 am in smm wii u Savanna Background
One thing I was thinking about is I assume the number of semi-solids for each theme will increase as well.
Posted on 03-02-19, 05:57 pm in Mario Maker 2 Tilesets
Didnt think of that, there is a very good chance the SMM2 tilesets will have a different layout. Hopefully the tiles will be the same size.
Posted on 03-02-19, 05:51 pm in Mario Maker 2 Tilesets
One thing Im excited for related to Mario Maker 2 is we'll finally have official tilesets for things like Desert/Snow/Jungle maps for the different themes that we can port to the first game via mods. Depending on whether or not it will be possible to play all the levels from the first game in 2, would be a neat way to try MM1 levels with the new themes.
Posted on 03-02-19, 03:50 pm in Mario Maker 2 Tilesets
Yeah worlds seems like a safe bet. I hope we do get full fledged vertical levels.
Posted on 03-02-19, 03:40 pm in What should SMM2 have?
I never realsed the NSMB games are more different than I thought until Mario Maker
Posted on 02-27-19, 08:26 am in wii u3dsnsmbu New Super Mario Bros. Wii/2 in SMM for Wii U and 3DS
Yeah thanks, if you have any other tile sets and backgrounds, at least to finish up one theme I wouldnt mind having them so I can just round out a World version of this
Posted on 10-13-18, 04:53 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
This actually translates very well to Mario Maker
Posted on 10-10-18, 06:55 am in M&L BIS Mod,

Did a thing for 3DS. I dunno if I'm gonna do everything but I'm gonna at least do World. Though it isnt a straight port, like I replaced the mushroom platform with Grey Bricks and the underground has less stuff because it looked a bit cluttered in my eyes.



Posted on 09-21-18, 09:00 pm in wipwii uterraria Terraria Maker
The download takes me to an error page.
Posted on 09-14-18, 08:40 pm in v2.0 out!download fixed! Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins