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Since: 04-17-18

A moon tileset that replaces the super mario world underground theme
If you showcase this mod please link to this original video
Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uMro5zMHSTDAUa8pTsUBkJuLAkBGxLA-

Thanks for Tee for helping with errors that occured whilst making this mod: https://mariomods.net/profile/1645699670-tee And thanks to Lakifume for helping with other errors that i came across whilst making this tileset: https://mariomods.net/profile/194-lakifume

Made with Switch toolbox: https://github.com/KillzXGaming/Switc...

this mod replaces the starting and ending ground, normal ground, Stone blocks, Ice blocks, Decorations, all Semi-Solids, Bridge pieces, Music, Pallete icons, Level preview icons, Cloud blocks, and the SMW underground icon.
Posted on 07-29-19, 12:57 pm
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Since: 01-03-18
This actually looks really nice! I like the twinkling stars in this.
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Posted on 12-24-19, 10:13 pm