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Can someone send me the .PNG version of the textures from cookie cogworks? Ik need the ones from the cookies and the ground (chocolat). I alsof need the sand textures foto beach and red walls from the chinese roof level 'hands on hall', I alsof need the green roof. Thx to everyone that's helping me!
Posted on 08-12-19, 08:01 am
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cool dude
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..what are you talking about? also im pretty sure this is the wrong place to ask this
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Posted on 08-12-19, 08:02 am
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I know, I am not that good at this site... Can you show me where to ask this else? And I am talking about the textures of mario 3D world, sorry that I forgot to say that... They are not on the textures recource.com...
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Posted on 08-12-19, 05:09 pm, deleted by DrEmoji
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@DrEmoji Why did you delete a post? Was it something stupid 😉
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