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Since: 02-07-19
Super Mario Bros: Star Shards is a fangame that brings 3D mechanics into the 2D world. It features hilarious cutscenes (as well as informative story-related ones), and a great cast of characters. The playable character cast includes Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Peach, Wario, Waluigi, and Yoshi, each character having a different ability/moveset. The team heads off to defeat Bowser, who's broken the Grand Star, which breaks into hundreds of [star] shards! The team must save the Mushroom Kingdom, before it turns corrupt!

Join our discord server for a great community, and exclusive demos (soon to be released)!
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ykZJnv2

I won't be posting pictures of the game, since our discord server has plenty of them in the updates section.
Thanks for reading, and as always, stay epic! 8)
Posted on 02-07-19, 02:54 am