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Since: 07-25-17
From: Inkopolis
Hiya! Long time no see. I wasn't planning on releasing this, but here we are. This is my port of the SMW Forest theme to SMM3DS! I wanted to get this out before SMM2 releases, so I apologize if you find any bugs. I likely won't be fixing them unless they're game-breaking. Don't worry, there are Palette icons included.

Here's what level previews look like.

Here it is in-game...

And here it is in the editor!

Here's the background. I am aware the actual background has holes in the leaves, but I'm not that good at sprite work.

Lastly, here's the tileset. Ignore the mess on the bottom, it won't affect gameplay.



Music: Originals by Nintendo, re-creations by me
Initial ground tileset: TheHackingYoshi, modified by me to closer match the SMM2 version
EditDB_DecorationTable.byaml (this file is what chooses what decorations are enabled in what styles and themes): Lakifume
Posted on 06-10-19, 05:18 am
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Since: 01-11-19
From: Somewhere
Can I make a Wii U version?
Posted on 06-10-19, 11:34 am
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Since: 07-25-17
From: Inkopolis
Can I make a Wii U version?
Yes, you may. Please do not modify it to have "your own touch" or anything like that. Also, please give credit where credit is due :)
Posted on 06-10-19, 04:21 pm
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Since: 06-16-19
Thank you so much for this <3 It brings so much life into the game!
Posted on 06-16-19, 08:59 am
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Since: 01-03-18
Yep Im impatiently waiting for the game release so Im gonna check this out now
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Posted on 06-21-19, 04:54 pm