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We wish a happy birthday to: AyanamiRei0 (28)

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So I've been doing a lot of stuff recently and recently learned how to edit the character sprites and so decided to do this.


Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L81UqssHSFy69_449SqCgKMRS-0C2Q6a

Also using it to advertise a course I just uploaded to SMMDB, Easy Airship Siege. You dont actually play as Weird Mario in the level but I thought it was a good course to show her in.
Link: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5d2a53256daebc2a9fc5e8ea&type=3ds
Check out my other places, subscribing would be nice too:

Deviantart: https://sm-artthings.deviantart.com/
I regularly post art of cartoons, video games and my original characters. I also have montly request slots.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTp7iHZlSWGVWtRa5ohlhgQ
Nothing much yet but will soon have things like playthroughs of my Mario Maker levels, good Smash Bros matches and discussions about animation.
Posted on 07-13-19, 10:07 pm
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Smell like... Create a level!
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