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Since: 07-10-19

This is a Super Mario Maker 2 mod that replaces the New Super Mario Bros. U game style with the look of New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS

What's added from the Super Mario Maker 1 Mod by Louiskovski:

-New course themes, and accompanying tiles and aspects
-New sprites for enemies were not replaced before (Bob-Omb, Cheep Cheeps)
-New sprites for enemies, objects, and items that were not in Super Mario Maker 1
-Classic DS models for Mario, Bowser, and Jr.
-Separate speeds for both layers of the background scrolling, contributing to a much cleaner look

What's replaced:
-More planned like menu icons

As far as all current contributions to the mod go:

Louiskovskie - Original mod developer, Tilesets, Management
donezo - Sprites, Tilesets, Management
MelonSpeedruns - Modeling, File Replacement, Management
Weegeepie - Modeling, File Replacement
The Mario Modder - Modeling, Tilesets, File Replacement
JumboDS64 - Sprites, Music
Lakifume - Sprites
Buntendo - Sprite Shading

Here are some screenshots. We have most of the new items in Super Mario Maker 2 in NSMB sprite style already, so we won't be needing any help with that, but these screenshots don't have everything put together yet because we're waiting on a tool from KillzxGaming that will allow us to edit texture animations, add all of the enemies and items, and complete the mod.

*NOTICE* These screenshots are lacking sprites, models, polish, or other criteria that is already essentially done or being worked on, please judge for only what is added, not what isn't.

I don't like giving release dates, but I will say that progress has gone surprisingly smoothly. Like I said, we have most of the assets we need, and are in the process of putting them in. Thanks for your patience.
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