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Since: 07-12-18
as the title says "I need SMM2 edit musics for my mod", i only need 4 edit musics

1. SMB1 Snow
2. SMB1 Forest
3. SMB3 Desert
4. SMW Sky

if you have them, please send them in a MEGA or a Mediafire link in either a .zip file or a .rar file. the reason why i need them so i can continue my Super Mario Maker Ultimate mod
Posted on 09-30-19, 06:06 pm (rev. 1 by A Kramer Randomness on 09-30-19, 06:07 pm)
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Since: 06-09-19
do you mean you need the tracks? or the music itself? (the one where all tracks are put together)
Posted on 10-14-19, 08:43 pm
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Since: 07-12-18
the music
Posted on 10-14-19, 09:48 pm