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Since: 10-24-17
Super Mario Maker 2 comes out in about 2 months, so to celebrate the release, I decided to remake a new theme that was shown off in one of the new trailers for the game, called the "Sky" theme.

It replaces the airship theme (because of the background) and it recreates the cloud tiles and newly revealed "rainbow" semi-solid platform. It's not 100% accurate, it's just trying to replicate the pictures as close as possible.

Download the mod here: https://bit.ly/2DREDvs
Posted on 05-05-19, 06:07 pm
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Noice, but is possible to use the airship background in the plain theme by editing Static.pack/MW_SceneDB.byaml
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Posted on 05-05-19, 06:18 pm
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It looks amazing!!!
Posted on 05-06-19, 05:01 pm
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Wow, that looks really good!
Always choose the money over being the hero, its way more worth it tbh.
Posted on 05-06-19, 05:24 pm
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This download is corrupted.
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