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Have you ever considered themes outside of the main console mario games?
Here is a throwback to one of my favorites, Super Mario Land!

This mod changes the Mario, Super Mario, Fire Mario, and SuperBall Mario sprites to the Super Mario Land Mario sprites.

Key Note #1: The Super Mario, Fire Mario, and SuperBall Mario are all the same because they are the same in Super Mario Land

Key Note #2: SMB Super Mario and SML Super Mario have a difference in height.
SML Super Mario has all custom sprites to make sure that it fits within Super Mario Maker 2

Key Note #3: Custom Sprites have been used to fill moves not present in SML.

###Installation Instructions###

Drag the entire folder [The 01009B90006DC000 folder] into the titles folder in atmosphere (or your CFW equivalent)

ex. [sd:/atmosphere/titles/01009B90006DC000]

Download: https://gamebanana.com/dl/424763
Posted on 07-14-19, 02:19 pm