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AKA I need somewhere to announce that the forum is back and I'm too lazy to hit the announcements!

Welcome back everyone to Mario Making Mods! Hopefully, this is the last user-caused downtime that will happen!

Anyways, like the title said, this will be a mini "What's up?" blog post. Why is that? Because unfortunately, we don't have many Super Mario Hacks to show off! In fact, all of the mods put in today's blog is made by one man, which goes by Buntendo A proper blog post should come later on, but for now, this will suffice.

New themes in SMM include The Seaside Kingdom & Mount Volbano / Luncheon Kingdom.

Why do we need a patron?

Basically, for this host, I'm paying for it myself, and unfortunately, I can not do this alone, so I need a bit of support. Also, if you are wondering where the money is going, it's going into a PayPal account where the host will take the money from. And just in case you were wondering what the card is, it's an unreloadable prepaid master card that originally had 50$ inside of it, I put it on a PayPal account (which means it can merge credit card money together), had 7$ taken off of for initial purchase and has 40$ taken off as well for "prepaid service" (basically, you pay for the VPS in advance, which should pay off 5 months)). This is only for the hosting because the domain is paid off by Aileen Lumina!

I hope you guys enjoy the mini What's up article! Honestly, its a bit rushed because I wanted to get the news out as soon as possible!
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I love those vanilla gift cards. The new ones are reloadable (but I think there more expensive)
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ummmm... how about i don't disable my adblock?

Official CGS site
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ummmm... how about i don't disable my adblock?

well we can't do anything if you use adblock. But it would support the forun if you disable it.
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Ironic that he says that yet his personal site has a shitton of ads.
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Heh, I don't mind if you guys use adblocker. Just that in place of the "ad post", we will have a message of "Please disable adblocker". It won't cover up the entire screen...
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