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Sand Kingdom

Home of Red Sands and Lively Locals.


Gateway to the stark beauty of the desert.

Tostarenan Tourism

A small town that serves as the hub

for tourists planning to visit the

Inverted Pyramid. The orange

buildings and cheerful Dry Bones

provide a warm welcome for visitors.

The Ice Cave

If are you willing, take a trip through

a warp pipe to visit the beautiful

Ice Cave.

Three Keys to the Kingdom

  1. Give some thanks to  Buntendo ! He made the tileset and background.
  2. Give some thanks to GRAnimated ! He imported the background!
  3. Download the mod here! Wii U Download

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And The 3ds version?
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This is super fun to use! I found the ice cave to be a little bit weird at first, but looking back I can see what you did by swapping the ice blocks and ground blocks in terms of textures. The desert part was super fun to use and I found myself being a lot more creative than I normally am. It reminds me of the SMB1 airship where there are lots of environments you can create just by using the tileset in different ways.
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And The 3ds version?
no, but I can do a quick port
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