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Since: 05-23-17
From: Yeah, no.
*Tools other than Reggie and Reggie Next.

*None of these tools are mine and I give credit to their
respective creators. Also, huge thanks to Zementblock for
making his Google Drive.

Tanooki Save Editor

Reggie! Dumper


Staffroll Editor


Koopatlas Doodads


Newer Level Info Editor

Newer Credits Editor

Newer Message Editor


Reggie! Level Editor
Reggie! Next Level Editor

If there are any tools I missed, please let me know!
I'll be sure to update the main post whenever a new
tool comes out or is discovered.
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Since: 05-21-17
From: The 3rd dimension
I really really highly appreciate you for making this.

lol also you forgot the newer message editor but besides that, you got everything I can think of! Good work!
My website: http://mlgpigplayz.weebly.com
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Posted on 05-23-17, 10:40 pm
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From: Yeah, no.
Aah! I forgot about that too! I'll add that in a second.

Also, thanks! :)
Posted on 05-23-17, 10:47 pm
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Since: 05-18-17
wow this is cool now no need to find them all

My names zachabossaloler But my real names Zach obviously
Posted on 05-25-17, 08:52 am
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Since: 12-24-18
None of the links work anymore, I think for Reggie and Koopatlas these links should work.

Koopatlas Download - https://github.com/Treeki/NewerSMBW
Koopatlas Documentation / Tutorials
The Koopatlas download comes with Koopuzzle and Newer Resources

Reggie Editor / Dumper - http://rvlution.net/reggie/
Reggie Documentation / Tutorials - A bunch of HTML files found inside Reggie download you can run with Google.
Posted on 12-24-18, 03:08 pm (rev. 1 by NeededToMake1Post on 12-24-18, 03:28 pm)
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From: Mushroom Kingdom
Well, for Reggie, you should just use Reggie Next made by MasterVermilli0n, found on his Github
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Posted on 12-24-18, 05:18 pm