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Hello everyone, this thread is about my NewerSMBW Hack: Newer Super Mario Lost Lands.
I do this hack with a friend, NintendoGueguel, a big thanks to him

in this hack:
NewerSMBW features
New Levels
New Worldmap (with koopatlas)
New Musics.
3 Moon Coin in every level
New Backgrounds
New Tilesets

You can see previews of W1 here:

World1: 100%
World2: Worldmap, 2-1 and 2-3 finished
World3: Worldmap finished
World4: not started yet
World5: not started yet
WorldA: not started yet
WorldB: not started yet
WorldC: not started yet
WorldD: not started yet

Worldmap: RedStoneMatt, NintendoGueguel
Levels: RedStoneMatt, NintendoGueguel
Moon coin model: Newluigidev
Custom engine by NewerTeam

Software used:
Reggie! Level Editor Next M3A2
Newer Credits editor
Newer Level info editor
SZS Modifier
Newer Iso Builder
Wart (it's a tileset editor)

We don't know when we release the hack, be patient.

And I'm sorry about my previous hack, New super mario bros wii sunshine edition, i know the bad thing i did, but THIS hack will be better!

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Wow! This looks promising. Will definitely keep up with the progress news. However a suggestion for ya, the world map looks a little bit bland in the videos you posted.
Hope it gets improved upon. Good luck!
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Also, please try to put a story that isn't something about a princess getting kidnapped for the thousandth time.
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