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Since: 02-07-18
From: Japan
I am aiming for the full version of Thalonius Chinese Super Mario World
It is still W.I.P

Screen Shot
Posted on 03-08-18, 07:04 am (rev. 2 by princess soda on 04-04-18, 11:56 pm)
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cool dude

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amazing job

you get 2 cookies
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Posted on 03-08-18, 07:11 am
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Since: 02-07-18
From: Japan
Thank you!!!
Posted on 03-08-18, 07:13 am
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I'm tea. Live with it.

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Is this based of the fan-made NES version of Super Mario World? It really does look like it.
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Posted on 03-08-18, 12:32 pm
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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205597203 Here's a run of it from Thalonius himself lol.
Posted on 03-08-18, 02:56 pm
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Since: 02-18-18
This custom game skin is a very wonderful custom game.
I am very happy to play!
Although it is a bug report, when Mario is played when playing with a custom skin, it will freeze as it is ...
(Since the start button works rather than a complete freeze, I could do it from the course and start over from the start)
I'm sorry for my bad English···
Posted on 03-10-18, 01:28 am (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 03-11-18, 03:48 am)