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Since: 08-09-17
From: Bardoli, India
Hello People!

Here is my new level on SMMDB!

Level Title: The Shell Fortress
Download URL: https://smmdb.ddns.net/api/downloadcourse?id=5aa6ca8f91055d1b9875ca45&type=zip
Difficulty: Super Expert/Expert

Description of Gameplay Elements:

Took me a month to make and polish. Every trick of it was heavily tested for over a total 7+ hours of playtesting. I'm proud of it. Basically, its a shell kaizo level with various tricks. Shouldn't be too hard if you have practiced my "Kaizo Krash Kourses"

I have tried to make it as straightforward as possible. It has indicators, coin trails and anti-claustrophobic setups so its pleasant to practice and conquer!

Enjoy! Be sure to check out my YT video playing it! :)

Video: https://youtu.be/8Iz01p7_4js

The mod I am using in the video : https://mariomods.net/thread/397-smm-vanilla-revamped
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