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So there is this ROM hack of NSMBW called New Super Mario All Stars HD. This hack was started by Titovision but was given to cad111 to work on when the RVLution forums (the main forum for NSMBW hacking at the time, which is now replaced with HorizonWii) was dead. Now, my gosh is this hack ambitious. It has the following games in just one NSMBW hack:

- Super Mario Bros.
- Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels.
- Super Mario Bros 2.
- Super Mario Bros 3.
- Super Mario Bros 4: Super Mario World
- Super Mario Land.
- Super Mario Land 2: Six Gold coins.
- Hotel Mario.
- Donkey Kong
- Mario is Missing.
- Mario Bros.

Now, this leads me to believe that this took so damn long, and even longer than Newer Wii. But like all ROM hacks, this isn't perfect, so I'd like to leave some of my feedback so cad111 can improve. Or maybe customlevelfan67 will look at my suggestions and improve on his fork.

First off, the entire game is in Portuguese. Now, that might be good for you, since you do speak Portuguese, but what about others, who speak English? I do think that you should offer a translation to English, since I do know that you understand that language.
Second off, please, add a Riivolution option to play. I seriously hate using Dolphin on this craptop.
Third off, the star coin list is broken, please fix.

Now for the actual quality of the game itself...

All Games
For generally most games in this hack, he made it so that way all levels are automatically unlocked, which I don't like. I do think that players should take the effort of beating the previous stage before having access to the next level. Also, you should have actual level previews instead of just the game title screen displaying. The map music is just the main music, which is something I also don't like. I think you should make a new song per-map. But if you do continue like this, please make it properly loop and not just end at the end. There is this weird bug, though, that once you exit a level, the music is ran twice, at the same time, with a 1 second lag. Not to mention, when you die, the death sound only plays the first 2 seconds, then is cut off. About level secrets/rewards, generally, the star coins are supposed to be rewards for completing chalenges, not placed right out in the open for any one to take. And especially not one right next to the other.

Super Mario Bros.
For the original Super Mario Bros, the world map is basically a direct port of the image from SMB Deluxe. Now, I know that it does take a lot of effort to remake a map, I do think that you should have remade that map to make the game not look like a pixelated mess. Seriously, even in 1080p, it was terrible. For World 1-1, in the underground area, only hath of the pipe is visable, but then it randomly cuts off at the top. The worst part is, though, that you can actually stand on that pipe. For the castle levels, there would always be a bowser boss-fight, right? Well, in this game, it's a bit bad. Bugs are listed below.

1. There are still fireballs coming from the far-right from the screen even though bowser is in the center.
2. Bowser takes up the entire room.
3. Bowser has no collision.
4. Bowser doesn't move.
5. Even when the bridge is fallen, bowser is still floating in the room.

And this is with every SMB1 castle level.

Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
For Super Mario Bros. 2, I do see a lot of bugs, like clipping into the ground when you die. And that's because of the way he implemented turnips from SMB2. But now, I hear what you all are saying:
Posted by you all
But NY, how can you remake the pick up turnips from Super Mario Bros 2 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Did he omit them?
Well, he did it. Problem is the execution. See, where there is supposed to be a turnip, he made it so that way when you ground pound on that location, a POW block effect is done....yeah, I do think you should have omitted the turnip gimmick entirely and just went with recreating everything else. Not to mention, the real "POW Blocks" are just a brick. You can't even lift it. Also, since he didn't add a camera lock for the end of the level, you can easily cheat the treasure chest system to get infinite mushrooms. Here's how to do it.

1. Open chest.
2. Go off-screen.
3. Repeat steps.

Super Mario Bros. 3
- When there is an enemy level, if you hit a brick block right before it fades out, the blocks would stay in air.
- For every Fortress, since he didn't add a camera lock, you can easily cheat the treasure chest system to get infinite mushrooms. Here's how to do it.

1. Open chest.
2. Go off-screen.
3. Repeat steps

- In World 2, they use the sand beach tileset, and I don't think a desert is supposed to be a beach. He should instead use the desert tileset.
- In World 2-1, near the end of the level there is a room with a P-Switch and the last star coin. Once you hit the P-Switch and go out, if you wait long enough, you can get the fake brick block stuck inside the blocks. Same goes for 2-3, at the end when you need to kick the koopa to break all the blocks.

In the World 2 World map, there is this bug that can only be done once you beat the fortress. Basically, go the beginning of the map, and try to jump over the lock and go directly to the toad house. Or, try to enter the other pipe (the pipe after the fortress) and try to go to the beginning of the map. It doesn't work, because it automatically warps you. I do think that the entry should be a bit more on the right, for this reason. Also, the tiles in the World 2 map and the world 1 map are cut off.

In World 2-Sun of the original Super Mario Bros 3, the angry sun does show up in the beginning of the level, but doesn't move, or attack you. Bun in here, not only does it move and attack you, but because of this level's terrible camera, it takes up 1/8th of the whole screen. Not to mention, he also does not despawn once we hit the flagpole.

In World 3-1, there is an area, where you can jump over the camera to enter a hole to get a power-up. But you can't get out, because those invisible blocks are placed way too low.
In World 3-3, in the end area, the water overlaps with the ground. The level also uses some airship assets. Now, I wouldn't mind those assets if they didn't look like the one from the airship. We should change them to look like beach tiles.
In World 3-4, the tileset cut-offs are extremely apparent. But also the background cuts off

Super Mario Bros. 3 & Hotel Mario
For Super Mario Bros. 3 and Hotel Mario is that they tried to include a "cutscene" using Koopatlatz maps. For Super Mario Bros. 3, AFAIK, it's just 1 map in between World 1 and World 2, because that's when I stopped playing the game. But for Hotel Mario, it's 3 of them, and its the intro. While I do appreciate the extra mile you went, but not only do I think it's unnecessary, but its also tedious. I do think that you should remove them.

Hotel Mario & Mario Bros.
Speaking of Hotel Mario, it alongside Mario Bros do feel like mini games, and you shouldn't make it an entire entry. Like, maybe replace a Toad House with them, or any other type of minigame stuff, like the useless one from Super Mario Land 2.

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Also, speaking of Super Mario Land 2, I do think it's the one in this list with the most issues.

1. Everything is unlocked right from the get-go. I'm not talking about the worlds, though. I'm talking about the whole game, even Wario's Castle.
2. When you enter Wario's Castle inside the world map, it has a glitchy physics, and it's just like this in Mario Zone when transitioning from Level 2 to Level 3.
3. If there is supposed to be a connected pipe horizontally, it's just a layer 0 effect, and not actually connected pipes.
4. However, if there is supposed to be a connected pipe vertically, it's just going to act like a original pipe and take you to a new zone.
5. If you have the "carrot" power-up (which is really the propeller mushroom) you can actually get yourself soft-locked super easy in Mario Zone. The bad part is, that you can even get a softlock even without it (you just need to wall jump instead).
6. In Pumpkin World, there is this glitch with a pumkin goomba. Basically, it wasn't a real goomba. It was just the mask. I didn't kill it or do anything to it. Then, after 3 seconds, it dissapears
7. Wario's Castle has the princess peach's castle background, which is not fitting. The level is supposed to be dark and gloomy because Wario took over the castle, not happy and cheerful.
8. In order to access the space world, you have to go through an awfully ported level. Like, there is the water that randomly cuts off, and same goes for tilesets. Once you hit the flagpole, the camera goes all the way to the bottom, like other levels in which the flagpole is placed extremely high in the zone...
9. Then, the actual Space World map in in the main map, and not a sub map, unlike the original game.
10. Then, the entire world is just an underground background with a water parliaments for the 2nd level. Like, I shouldn't be seeing water parliaments in space. I understand having the physics, but not the effects. Also, why can I jump out of the water?
11. Not to mention, in the original, the second level was an auto-scroller. Here, I can explore to my heart contents.
12. The odd part is that Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, the ROM Hack this game is based off, has a specific physics mode just for space levels. In that game, it is World 7, but I don't believe it's hard coded. But here, they aren't being used for Space World-1.
13. The camera in this version of Super Mario Land 2: Six Gold Coins is trying to mimic the one from the original Game Boy, and that can cause some issues. For example, in the level "Goombas!", every time the power-up state changes, the camera warps. Not to mention, it is a bit tedious, and other than for pure nostalgia, it has no use. Heck, even Super Mario Land doesn't have this god-awful camera, and it was the Game-Boy original!

Super Mario Land
Speaking of Super Mario Land, there is this glitch in 1-3, where you can walk inside the walls. And then, at the end of that, you get a star coin and a pipe entry, but that pipe just takes you off-screen so it kills you. I think this pipe should redirect to the actual bonus room that it's supposed to be in. Also, both Mario and piranta plants go through the ground when entering a pipe. Now about the boss... yeah, it did fix most problems that I had with the Super Mario Bros. bowser boss fights, but there are some other problems.

1. The boss has collision and does move, but it doesn't hurt you. It's just a moving box.
2. Even when you hit the switch, the "boss" is still alive.
3. No fireballs at all.
4. The bridge also dissapeers alongside the actual wall.
5. The switch event is timed, and once the timer is over, there is no way to re-activate it.

Also, in 2-2, if you have a form that isn't mini and normal mario, you can actually get yourself soft-locked in one of the areas.

Mario is Missing
In the level "USA - Washington", there is a background cutoff.
Also, in the Ludwig boss, once you defeat him, he actually goes behind the doors.

Mario Bros.
First off, there is no way to beat this level. I tried multiple times and I just can't seem to do it.
Second off, you can actually stand on top of the pipe. Not only that, but the blocky part of the pipe, you can go inside it.
Third off, the POW block, like in SMB2, is life-less.

Overall criticism
Overall, I don't hate this ROM hack. In fact, this is an ambitious hack, with so much games in just one hack. But I do feel like if the bugs above can be ironed out alongside other bugs that I will experience later on in the game, I think it can hold up pretty well against others.
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This hack sounds fun. Ima try it ASAP! :)
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This looks pretty good! The bugs aren't due to regional differences, right? (Trying to patch a US version of a EU mod?)
Posted on 03-25-18, 09:17 pm
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Yeah, but don't link to the actual download, because its in a wbfs, and that's piracy (in most circumstances).

But actually, I found Titivolision's version, which is way better than cad111's. Unfortunately, its also in a wbfs, and there is no trailer of it. I might make a separate thread on it.
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Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
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Man, well there go's my idea. Ah well, his is better anyways
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I'm remaking this, if anyone cares. Pretty much everyone who has seen progress says it's better than this version, so check out my YT if you want to see what i'm doing.
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