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Since: 05-16-18
Hi, I am relatively new to modding Super Mario Maker. I have figured out how to change Toad and Peach's quotes whenever you beat the 100 Mario Challenge. But one thing I'm struggling with is adding quotes for them to say for different costumes. There are already quotes for the Peach, Toad, and Bowser costumes. But I'm wanting to add new quotes for more specific costumes like Luigi, Yoshi, Link, etc. Can anyone help me out? I appreciate it!
Posted on 05-16-18, 04:31 am
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I don't think you can add quotes.
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Posted on 05-16-18, 04:35 am
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I feel like it's possible since the MSBT editor let's you add strings. But I just don't know how. I need to find what triggers the special quotes to appear. Like something that tells the game that the player has the Peach, Toad or Bowser costume on, and then the game brings up that character specific quote.
Posted on 05-16-18, 04:45 am
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I think a BYAML handles that. GRAnimated is the master of that, so I'd wait for him if I were you, because it's currently 1 AM in his timezone.
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Posted on 05-16-18, 04:58 am