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Start & End ground
Normal Ground
Wooden Blocks
Ice Blocks
Bridge Pieces
Pallet icons
Level preview icons
Nsmbu airship theme icon


Charlie59876: making the graphics and enabling the music and graphics to be used in Super Mario Maker + original idea
tee: Helping with an error that occurred whilst making this mod
Lakifume: help with other miscellaneous errors that i came across whilst making this tileset
NoteBlock: Making the Edit music
(thnx to NightYoshi370 for helping with this post)

(If you showcase this mod please link to this original video)


Posted on 08-07-18, 12:05 pm (rev. 11 by Charlie59876 on 08-10-18, 07:20 pm)
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Very cool!
Good job.
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBDaY5sapkDhqlBBNJnW-Og
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Posted on 08-07-18, 02:41 pm
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Can I get one with only ground, no start ground or ennything else... 😜😊😸😁
Posted on 03-04-19, 01:38 pm