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Since: 12-08-17
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I thought that the Metroid franchise deserved more than just a space theme so I made this:

This is mostly retextures but some enemy physics have been slightly modified to fit the Metroid universe better, so be aware that a few levels online might become impossible to complete.
Mario's abilities are still the same though.

The mod is complete but I will keep updating it based on your feedback.

In the future (hopefully):

-Enemies will be given their real sprite size
-Backgrounds in the NSMBU style will have several layers
-NSMBU lighting on enemies will be disabled
-SMW will have its own coin icon
-NSMBU Peach cutscene background will have parallax scrolling
-SMW backgrounds will have some animations
-NSMBU 3d models will be replaced
-Sprite effects will be edited

Something tells me Nintendo will probably make a port of SMM Wii U on the Switch, if that happens I will do my best to port this mod as well but no guarantees.

And before someone asks, no I will not make a 3ds version of this mod but if someone else wants to port it though, knock yourselves out !

Anyway, have fun !

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Cool mod!
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Posted on 09-16-18, 09:05 pm
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I'm so impressed, you've been working on this for a year!! :D
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Posted on 09-16-18, 09:07 pm
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This is so amazing, I dare say it's my favorite mod! :D Great work!
Posted on 09-17-18, 09:46 pm