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Hello, (Hai) I'm Shubs, and I'm currently working on a game, I posted it here because it has to do with one of Gatete's engine (the most incomplete one that has to do with mario, basically the one that's easiest to slide for custom mechanics and things like such), Mario Worlds Engine 2. Like stated before, I'm using it because things are still not built completely and it's the best one because even though there's another where you can only move, I still want the mario gimmicks.
Anyways, I work hard on this game along with my team, we're proud to present it as Our Game (Only thing I'm ever proud of lol)
Here's some footage!


Okay so we have a lot going for it, and I honestly hope that no problems come up cancel mystic mayhem but yeah, that's uh... about all I can show? I don't want to spoil the story since I want people to play it blind and learn all of the facts themselves, plus I'm over protective with it. We're adding a lot of lore to it and that's why. I'll end this off with a last screenshot

Post Script:
Buntendo's the fricking composer >:((((((
and uhhh Vixiv's the co-leader (someone not here).
and good luck to all you smash fans with the disappointment that may strike today during the direct.
Posted on 11-01-18, 09:45 am