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Yup a spooky castle, i know that... Halloween it's over but i wanted to make that.
Castle Theme: Other SMBU Halloween Special by marionose1
(Replaces Cave theme)

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Smell like... Create a level!
Posted on 11-08-18, 08:38 pm (rev. 1 by WillyMaker on 11-08-18, 08:42 pm)
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Pretty cool but I would like to see it in the castle theme because it doesn't feel right ended a castle level by touching the flagpole also the blue fire would be a nice touch to other mods like the dry bowser mod
Posted on 03-10-19, 02:01 am
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This mod is old, and the Dry Bowser mod was made by Lakifume. Also, us modders weren't really at the level we are now at modding.
hello i'm someone don't ignore me pls
Posted on 03-10-19, 02:04 am