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Welcome to the Wiki! Here we show many different things, from info about the forum to hacking software, tutorials, and even projects. This is a WIP.

1. File Formats

BFSAR Documentation

2. Games

Super Mario Maker (WiiU)

3. The actual Wiki software itself

3.1. Does this wiki use MediaWiki?

No. It uses a custom engine, made specifically for this board software. The nice part is that it can easily integrate with the actual software. If we did use MediaWiki, it would say so in the footer

3.2. What's supported

• wiki pages (duh)
• revision system
• HTML, smilies and anything that can be used in forum posts
• contents box
• 'special' pages (those can only be edited by globalmods and up)
• some form of history viewing, nice colored diffs

3.3. Which markup can I use?

Pretty much anything you can use into board posts. That is, HTML and some BBCode. To create section titles, use <h1> to <h6> tags. Section titles created this way are automatically numbered, and added to the page's contents box if you haven't disabled it.

You can also link to other wiki pages with markup similar to MediaWiki's, for example:
Main page
This is a link

Look at the source of this page to find out how we did it.